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Repairs any components that might wear out over time in your Cheeper Keeper.


1 Battery Pack

1 60 pound test masonry cord

1 Double hooked clip

4  Plastic Unit Box Screws

Repair the most common parts that might wear out over time in the Automatic Chicken, Duck, or Goose Coop Door Opener by Cheeper Keeper. or AXT Hen-house doors.  Kit includes: the black battery pack with fitted pins, pre-tied nylon loop line with "stop" bead (60 pound test) to restring your spool, double-barrel swivel clip for door attachment, and 4 white plastic screws to use in the clear cover to seal it down. Quality components will last another decade or more. Buy one for emergency purposes or to have on hand in case anything happens. Cheeper Keeper components are tough and top grade materials keeping your auto coop door working in good or bad weather.