Please wait 24 hours after installation and try all of these "Troubleshooting Tests" before contacting us to be sure the door keeper is not working.


Door does not close.

If you also own the AS Outside Light Sensor, unplug the AS sensor and try darkening your unit and see if it will work without the sensor.  If unit works, please purchase a new Light Sensor, if out of warranty.

Door does not close.

The motor needs weight to operate.  Check your door and rails and make sure the door is free to hang and slide freely inside the rails so there is enough weight on the motor to make it go.

Darken the unit box and tug and pull down on the door for at least 30 seconds to see if it starts to go down.  Check your rails for binding over the door.

Door does not open.

Check the door inside the rails and see if they are free to move, with no resistance anywhere, or any binding or pinching.  Redo the rails according to the instruction manual.

If you are using the AS Outside Light Sensor, move the white arrow dial in the middle of the circuit board COUNTERCLOCKWISE a quarter or half turn, or until it meets the slightest resistance.  

Door does not open or close.

Remove cover on unit box and inspect the green circuit board printed "Fishing Line" in the diagram for proper connections.  Redo or fix string line if out of place.

Door does not open or close.

Inspect the black battery pack for broken wires or bent wires or corrosion. Clean or replace black battery pack.

Door does not open or close all the way.

You must check the door inside the rails for complete movement and install rails over the door according to the instruction manual.  Redo the rails and try again.  There may be a gap in some installations that are made when installing the door at ground level.  Please place appropriate size wood or metal strip to close gap (purchase one here), or reinstall door over coop hole opening.