Tests for Troubleshooting

Below are some functional tests that you can perform to identify and possibly fix the error yourself.  Attached you will find photos to check the rope guide.  You can also send us photos of your installation by email (close-up of the printed circuit board, complete installation with cable guide from the VSB to the door and rails) to  It is possible that an error can be detected by the photos.

  • Motor function:

 Bridge the contacts 5 + 6 for about 10 seconds. Now the VSB should open.  Now you bridge the contacts 3 + 4.  This should lead to the closing of the VSB.

  • Cable routing:

 Would you please check the cable guide, which is marked on the board. The cord must run down behind the shaft.  Please ensure that the loop is at the end of the cord with a triple knot (and / or bead) below the white limit switch, otherwise the end switch will not work. By lifting the limit switch through the knot in the cord, the VSB stops.  An additional setting of the end position is not necessary.  The string should pass through the lower spring, but please leave it about two to three turns before going out, not all the way to the top, that prolongs the life span.  If only a small piece of the cord is missing after a rope break, this is usually still sufficient.  If you need a new cord, they are for sale here at our online Shop.

  • Sensor function:

 Please disconnect the possible existing outside light sensor and timer.  Is there a plugged cable bridge on the contacts 5+6 on the VSB, please remove it.  Lightening and darkening the internal sensor to check the response of the VSB to the twilight.  Therefore remove the possible existing black cap from the internal sensor. If the VSB is working properly with the internal sensor, there is a fault on the outside light sensor and this have to replaced.  In this case, we will send you an external light sensor for replacement within the warranty period and ask you to return the defective sensor as soon as possible for diagnosis.  Outside the warranty period, you can order a new outdoor light sensor here in our online Shop.

  • Timer:

 Perform a visual check:  Does the timer has an inconspicuous impression?  Are the times set correctly (opening time, closing time, current time)?  Are the segments of the complete closing time show on the display of the timer?  All strokes must be visible without interruption.  A reset of the timer may help to solve any problems.  For this would you please try to reset the timer by removing the batteries on the back and press any key for at least half a minute, until no residual current is present and no display appears anymore.  Then please install the batteries again and program the timer again.

If one of these tests fails, your device must be repaired, or outside of the warranty, replaced with a new circuit board here at our online Shop.  Please contact for repair service.

Follow the Rope, Cord, or "Fishing Line" diagram on the printed circuit board