Cord Replacement - Cheeper Keeper
Cord Replacement - Cheeper Keeper

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Quickly and easily replace broken or worn out cords with our Cord Replacement.  Pre-made loop and "Stop-Bead" already tied up and ready to install.  Our 60 pound test cord is highest quality nylon money can buy.

This Cord Replacement fits and replaces any and all AXT-Electronic Door Keeper or Cheeper Keeper units for the last 30 years.  1 Year Warranty against anything!

Attachment is easy:

1.  Darken unit and draw out old cord.  Remove batteries.

2.Take cut end and thread through the hole of the unit box and follow the "fishing" line diagram on the circuit board...

3.  Tie a small loop and hook cord over screw end sticking out of spool.

4.  Insert batteries and begin winding the spool with tension.