Who or what to know before buying an automated chicken coop door

After a few years of testing the market for automatic chicken coop doors on Amazon, Cheeper Keeper USA launches their own website.  Testing the market was about all about longevity in product design and function, and superior customer service. 

Nearly 300 reviews on Amazon, near 5 star product rating on Amazon, and 100% customer satisfaction with the Cheeper Keeper brand company, Cheeper Keeper will deliver a chicken coop door that automates easily, requires very little to install, requires no maintenance other than replacing the batteries every 2-4 years, and is making thousands of chicken owner's lives comfortable, safe, and easy again.  Thanks to a durable, long lasting product with highest customer satisfaction rate for an automatic poultry coop door opener on the market today.  

Many door openers may come and many will go, but it seems like Cheeper Keeper and AXT-Electronic (German manufacturing company) will always be there for you.  It is more about customer service, just in case you need some help, than it is to convince you that this Chicken Keeper is the best.  Maybe it is the best, or maybe its just rock solid performance year after year that you can trust.  Try reading the hundreds of reviews on Amazon before you buy on their new site.  It is the same company delivering the same great product and backing it with legendary service.

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