Who Is Cheeper Keeper? 11 years a slave...

Cheeper Keeper is the name of the chicken door keeper people and products that serve your chickens when you can't.  Cheeper Keeper came about when my partner and I wanted to move to sunnier location than the coast range of Oregon.  We owned a 5 acre small farm and garden supply business in Alpine, Oregon.  We had put our beloved homestead up for sale and a wonderful couple was going to buy it.  However, we had a flock of about 16 chickens that we had no intention on moving out of state with them in tow!  If you've ever moved chickens, say in van, or something, you know why!  Stinky mess!  So, I was over at a friend's house, who was just given a present from someone in Germany.  A little automatic pet door that opened with the sun, and closed with the darkness.  Just perfect for chickens!  I immediately glimpsed the future for Americans!  The Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener and Closer!  I bought a dozen from Germany, and installed one for the new owners, and convinced them that there was nothing they had to do except feed and water the chickens, and, of course, collect the edible treasures!  They agreed to buy the home with the chickens!  I quickly sold the other 11 immediately off of Amazon.com.  That was 2014.

Then, I contacted the manufacturer, AXT Electronic in Germany, and had them start making automatic chicken coop doors for us as a complete kit, as we knew Americans wanted a right-out-of-the-box solution.  We translated the German into English and refined the door kit to be the state of the art coop automation.  We had German electronics, Finland's top weather-proof electronic circuit board cover, laser cut German aluminum doors and a rolled rail system to repel dirt.  We called them Cheeper Keepers.  That's because chickens "cheep" and the the door "keeps" them locked up safely from the hours of predators, dusk 'till dawn.

You see, we kept chickens for 11 years, and HAD to open and close the coop door every single day!  We let them out to pasture, and they really loved that lifestyle, but we did not enjoy the rainy, messy, poopy-shoe-days when they needed to be locked up.  For one whole week, while the ink was drying on the papers of our sold homestead, we got to experience pure freedom.  The automatic chicken coop door opener and closer, "safe for all breeds", worked like MAGIC.  We slept in, watched the chickens in amazement as they walked in and out of the auto coop door.  The world's technology had landed to the chicken yard, and it was a relief.  The most amazing week of our lives!

Cheeper Keeper lives on to provide that same feeling of security and freedom found only in a long lasting, durable, virtually unbreakable chicken coop control kit.  We've thought of everything, and will continue to think of the future of chicken yards as we develop the next wave of auto coop doors, coming soon to you.

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