Popular Guinea Hens Using Cheeper Keeper

Sherrie from California says,

" You’re the best! Our new guinea door arrived Friday, my hubby installed on Saturday for the guineas to start learning how to use -- about half of the flock were unconcerned about the change to their cut-out door and the other half went through it with help of a guide fence Saturday evening. I’m sure they all were very happy when their door opened much earlier this morning than they get let out of their shelter when we had to open it manually. We originally had planned that our young guineas would just fly in/out over a 6’ predator fence but the past couple of weeks showed that most of them couldn’t figure this out (though they are happy to fly up to their 6’ roost inside the shelter). It’s such a relief having 5 more days of training in case the hesitant ones need more guidance before we leave on vacation.


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