Latest Upgrades

What are the latest upgrades to your electronic door opener?

New all-steel geared electric motor replaces plastic gears.
    • Made in Japan
    • Quieter
    • Lasts longer
    • Stronger pull force 
    • Lifts up to 7 pounds of doors
    • Battery life now extended to 3-4 years when used with our door and rails
    • Automatic shut down of motor if door is blocked, allowing poultry to pass through without getting shut out, for up to three minutes
    New 60 pound rated test nylon cord replaces old string line.
    • Resists tearing, breaking, or cutting from predators
    New Triple Resin Coated Surface Mount Technology Printed Circuit Board
    • Solid state electronics now deeply embedded in permanent resin to repel and resist:  dust, dirt, moisture, vapors, gas, corrosion, rust, and effects of extreme temperatures
    • Temporary electronic shut down if circuits are struck by lightning or high power voltage

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