How to buy chicken coop online in Florida

While some people favour building their own chicken coop, others avoid DIY projects and instead opt to buy a ready-made pen for their chickens. 

 Purchasing a prefabricated chicken coop is a quick and simple solution. We've put up some suggestions for you on what to look for in a chicken coop while purchasing online in Florida. 

 Chicken Coop Essentials

 The chick flock looks up to you for safety, security, food, and water, to name a few necessities. 

 Every day, rain or shine, you are responsible for feeding and watering them. The coop you purchase must give security and safety for your birds 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For the health of your flock and your peace of mind, a well-built coop is vital. 

 Whatever coop you decide to buy, your hens will require the following features: 

  •   Pop door: The coop's entrance for the chickens. 
  • Ventilation: Usually found in the eaves, it should be adjustable
  • Each standard bird must have at least one foot of perch. 
  • Nesting Boxes: Three to four hens require one box. 
  • Easy to clean structure

 Things to consider while buying a coop

 Coop Quality

 You can assess the coop's quality by looking for features such as:

  •  Are there any holes between the boards? It yes, then it can be problematic in colder climates. 
  • How durable is it? If you press on it, does it sway and rock? 
  • What is the thickness of the wood? It should be at least 10mm. 
  • Are the hardware and fasteners rust-proof? 
  • What kind of lock is put on it? 
  • Is hardware mesh used to guard the windows and vents? 
  • Is it made of plastic? If yes then you should be aware that voracious predators will spend no time attempting to gain access to your birds. 

 Although you may always replace hinges, bolts, and locks, you will be wasting your money if the underlying structure is not sound. Make sure all of the pieces are in good working order. In the winter, there should be no openings or regions where a gapping can cool the birds.

 Coop Size

 This is vital information! Do not be fooled by advertising claims that a 3ft by 4ft box can hold 6 hens. Technically, yes, but not if you want your chickens to be happy and healthy. 

 A regular-sized bird should have 4 square feet of floor space, and a bantam should have 2 square feet. Picking and pecking will become more common when space becomes scarce. 

If this is a summer-only coop with a large run or the girls free-range, then less space in the coop is acceptable because they will only be resting or laying eggs. 

 How much room do you have in the run? Experts recommend 8 space feet for regular birds and 4 square feet for every bantam bird. Bantams are easier to care for because they are fond of flying.

 Climate considerations

 You should purchase something that is appropriate for the weather conditions in your area. Before you decide to invest in a coop, take a hard look at your property to see where you'll put it.


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