Cheeper Keeper Products Explained Part 1: Chickens, Banties, All Breeds, and Smaller Game Birds

We explain our line of products as simply as we can in a multiple part series.

Our most popular item of all times is the:

1.  Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener

It opens at dawn and closes at dusk, automatically based on the light intensity of the outdoors; our smart device works with the chicken's natural system of roosting by night and waking at dawn (cock-a-doodle-doo, anyone?).

It is a complete kit (battery operated on 4 AA batteries included) that installs on the outside of the coop wall by cutting out a coop opening hole (or "pop hole", as they call it in Europe) and adding our rails and door and unit box by screwing into the wall with self tapping wood screws.  Or, simple place opener over existing coop hole if its the right size.  Sometimes people need to close their hole up if its too big with a plywood, just remember our unit needs to mount flush and flat against a  wall to work best.  Contact us at if you need us to build you a pre-assembled door opener on plywood that fits over your existing wall.

There is no need for anything else after installation, except for adjusting the opening and closing time, (based on light sensitivity, more on this explanation later) if you notice your chickens need more or less time to get in at night.  However, our factory default setting is normally perfect for most people and most chickens.  Just monitor your flock's behavior for a couple of nights to see what's happening. 

So:  IOne item, some assembly required, installs outside, change batteries once every 3 years, Safe for all breeds, weather-proof, and if it closes on a chicken as they are getting in, the unit pauses for 30 seconds to let them pass.  Our unit is not made in China, it is made in Germany, Denmark, USA, and Japan using the highest quality components and quality controlled at every step of the way to ensure your flock is always safe and protected.  


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