Cheeper Keeper Products Explained Part 2: Accessories

All Automatic Door Openers by Cheeper Keeper can have accessories for your particular purpose.  Our openers are very versatile because we know every home and garden and coop has special needs.  

One might ask us:  "What do I need?"  It all depends WHERE you want your door, and HOW you want your door to operate.

But basically the answer is:  Inside or Outside the coop?  And, do you need a timer?

Here is the line up:

Outside Light Sensor:  Choose this if you build your coop on the INSIDE walls of your coop.  This still allows you to use the light of day and night to open and close your coop door by running a wire outside, either by drilling through the wall and poking the light sensor outside into daylight, or by using our various sizes and getting the length of wire outside somewhere.  (NOTE:  using telephone line staples or nail down brackets are advised so the chickens do not trip or undo the line.)

Timer (Part BS-D):  If you need definite opening and closing times, add a timer.

This is a very reliable timer that is capable of opening at a set time, and closing at dusk automatically, or no later than 10:00 PM.  Or, completely controllable for opening and closing times based on your needs.

You can add this timer later as your needs change.

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