Answering a FAQ about our auto coop doors

Question sent recently over email:

I would like to understand your warranty on your chicken doors. 
How long, what does it cover, is it unconditional, etc.? I bought a mediocre one on amazon that has already failed and,
as they say, penny wise pound foolish.
I see that your products get good reviews online.
I live in upstate New York, just so you have context to the type of weather we get.
Which of your products would you recommend?
Can it be installed outside or does it need coverage?
Any other relevant information? Thank you,
Upstate New York

Hi Upstate! 
Thanks for writing.
In answer to your questions:
Warranty?  One year, no questions asked , yes, unconditional, refund or replacement if anything goes wrong, or you don't like it, or it doesn't meet your expectations.
AND, limited lifetime warranty covers repairs and/or replacement parts if sent to us if something should go wrong.  Customer service is always monitoring customer's needs and
we can troubleshoot quickly and solve most problems online.
Weather?  Ours are designed and built in Germany, made for harsh climates worldwide, and have been standing in the fields for over 30 years running.  A great track record
for poultry doors in wet, cold snowy winters with no problems. 
Installation?  Outdoors is just fine, as it is impervious to all weather, and even lightning strikes.  No cover is necessary, and some people do like to put a little "eyebrow over the box for looks and protection, but go ahead and slug it with a baseball bat if you want to, it isn't going anywhere! 
Some people do like indoor installation, and that option, too, is available by purchasing an AS Outside Light Sensor wire to reach the outside to "sense" the light.  
Relevant?   Our kit does need some assembly.  But, most people do it easily.  Follow our instructions and you're good, and covered under the warranty.  Batteries will need to be changed
once every 2-4 years, so monitor yearly to see if the door opening and closing is slower than usual, but normally once every 3 years is good.
Light sensitivity meter is adjustable to sense more or less light, however, its factory setting is for northern latitudes, so you'll be good without needing an adjustment.
Our customer service can walk you through anything on phone or online if you need help, so you're never alone.
We service hundreds of thousands of customers and millions of chickens worldwide and stand by our product.  
Recommendations?  Basically, it comes down to control preferences:  If you have a nice outside location (or inside the coop, but the additional AS Outside Light Sensor can 
be wired or exposed to the outside via a small hole drilled in the coop) that can sense the light of day, and you are happy with a dusk closing
and a dawn opening, then our basic Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener is the most popular product.
If you have an indoor and/or dark location or extremely heavy infestation of predators like bobcat or raccoons, and prefer customizing your time settings for
opening and closing of your chickens, then some people have requested the Programmable model, which is completely programmable to your needs.
(Note:  You can always start with the basic kit and add a timer box later, known as the BS-D timer.  This option is fairly common these days as people's needs change or vacations increase.)
I hope this helps and satisfies your clarifications. We look forward to serving you now and in the future, please feel free to
ask us anything you want.  We know your choices are many these days for an automatic coop opener, however, we feel, if
given the chance, most people should choose a Cheeper Keeper for quality and integrity!
Kindest regards for the new year,
Jason B., founder, Cheeper Keeper USA

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